Faking it somehow 08/16

So today I let my romantic notions get the best of me once more and got smacked in the face for it. If life followed the fantasies we have in our heads everybody would be happy but that’s never the case and of course, this time wasn’t the exception. 
It’s so hard to expect people to do something to find out that of course no one actually behaves the way we want because they don’t have to; and today was the one moment I really needed and wanted for my romantic notions to turn into reality, I needed to believed that you care, unfortunately it didn’t happen ’cause you don’t care and never did; and the lesson I must learn from all this is to accept that NO ONE will behave as you want and to let go of unrequited feelings which will only cause me even more pain.
I need to stop seeing little things as something they aren’t because you no longer have feelings for me, all the love is dead and so am I and all that’s left to do is finish the mourning period and move on like you did.
There’s so much gray to every story—nothing is so black and white.

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