A letter from the other one

You have to know beyond reasonable doubt that she didn’t deserve what you did to her. She has this trait of always thinking the best of others and the worst of herself and I still can’t believe you used that to make her believe everything was her fault. One thing is leaving because you wanted another but breaking her heart and blaming everything on her was low to say the least. 
The worst part is that now because of what you did, she barely goes out anymore. She no longer sings or dances, all the happiness that was so characteristic of her is completely gone and I’m afraid it might be for good. Today I saw her again, as the loving caring creature she has always been worrying about you again and you just looked at her in disgust, as you always seem to do nowadays. 
Now I ask you what her sin was, maybe it was not doing what you wanted when you wanted it done, or just the fact that she was maybe too afraid of how fast things were going. I guess at the end it doesn’t matter, because as she refuses to go out most of the time, is me who has to face you and all the bullshit that revolves around what you did to her. 
So from now on and maybe forever, is my sight full of hatred and disdain the one you shall encounter for as long as you dare to keep looking at her and contrary to her I harvest nothing but ill feeling towards you. 
The one thing I do hope, is that she gets to heal completely, forget about all that happen and just sing and dance again.
Your brain is doing some great work when it’s laughing.

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