3rd of January 2016

January 3, 2016
Caracas, Venezuela

Back when we weren’t in touch, I had this melancholic feeling because I couldn’t recall the shapes of your face or the sound of your voice, those were the memories I lost first and I was so heartbroken about it. I didn’t have any more pictures of you to help me cope with the periodical loss of you in my head.

Now that we are in touch again and that we talk on an almost daily basis, the thing that I want back is the scent of your warm skin in my nose, the sensation your lean fingers produced in the nape of my neck. You have this weird effect over as you’re a puppeteer moving my strings, so I’d do anything you ask of me.

I guess this is the reason I just can’t fall for anyone else, I’m yours in so many ways that I can’t give myself to any other person. I can’t love anyone else because I love you more than my own skin. There’s just no way someone else could have this effect over me,  so even if you don’t want me I’m yours forever.


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